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Closed projects


University of Hamburg, Investigator Alfried Kohlschütter

General service project:

Central patient data base and information service for leukodystrophy related issues


University of Tuebingen, Investigator Inge Krägeloh-Mann

Clinical research project:

Description of the natural course of childhood leukodystrophies with known genetic defect



University of Hamburg, Investigator Xiao-Qi Ding

Clinical research project:

Classifying leukodystrophies with unknown defect according to neuroradiologic criteria: use of MRT patterns and MRS characteristics 


University of Goettingen, Investigator Knut Brockmann and Steffi Dreha-Kulaczewski)

Clinical research project:

Multiparametric MR evaluations in rare childhood leukoencephalopathies with hypomyelination


University of Tuebingen, University of Rostock, Fachkrankenhaus Hubertusburg

Investigators Arndt Rolfs, Ludger Schöls, Wolfgang Köhler

Clinical research project:

Clinical, neurophysiological and neuroradiological characterisation of leukodystrophies in adulthood


University of Goettingen, Investigator Jutta Gärtner

Basic research project:

Disease modifier genes in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD) and their influence on adrenoleukodystrophy protein function


University of Goettingen, Investigator Marco Henneke, Constanze Pagenstecher, Johannes Schumacher M.D

Basic research project:

Identification of the causative genetic disease mutation within a new gene locus for the cystic leukoencephalopathy without megaencephaly on chromosomal region 6q


Max-Planck-Institut Goettingen, Investigator Klaus Nave

Basic research project:

Establishing a myelin proteom analysis platform to examine myelin composition in leukodystrophies.


University of Bonn, Investigator Volkmar Gieselmann und Matthias Eckhardt

Basic research project:

Metachromatic leukodystrophy: Inhibition of substrate synthesis as a therapeutic concept and development of procedures for rapid multiplex mutational analysis.


University of Bonn, Investigator Konrad Sandhoff

Basic research project:

Metachromatic leukodystrophy variant: Structure and function of the sphingolipid activator protein (SAP)-B and the SAP-precursor

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